Cat Owners' Association of Western Australia (Inc)

Also known as COAWA


COAWA Titles

At each show Challenge Certificates, Award of Merits or Premium Certificates are awarded to the best cat in each class.  For example, in Group Three in the Other Shorthair section the best COAWA registered British Shorthair in colour class Cream may be awarded a Challenge Certificate by the judge for that ring.

These are added up over several shows by the exhibitor who can apply for titles once a specified number are won. 

Pedigreed/Purebreed Clases

Entire - Number of Challenges Required (in total)

  • Champion (Ch)- Six
  • Grand Champion (Grd Ch)- Twelve
  • Saphire Grand Champion (Saph Grd Ch)- Fifteen
  • Ruby Grand Champion (Rby Grd Ch)- Nineteen
  • Emerald Grand Championm (Em Grd Ch)- Twenty Four
  • Diamond Grand Champion (Dia Grd Ch) - Twenty Nine

You then start again for double and triple titles.

Riordan Never Forever Desexed - Number of Challenges Required (in total)

  • Premier (Prem) -  Six
  • Grand Premier (Grd Prem) - Twelve
  • Saphire Grand Premier (Saph Grd Prem) - Fifteen
  • Ruby Grand Premier (Rby Grd Prem) - Nineteen
  • Emerald Grand Premierm (Em Grd Prem) - Twenty Four
  • Diamond Grand Premier (Dia Grd Prem) - Twenty Nine

You then start again for double and triple titles.


Companion Cats - Number of Premiums Required (in total)

(Premiums are awarded by Vets who conduct vetting rather than judges.)

  • Distinguished Companion Cat (DCC) - Three
  • Bronze Distinguished Companion Cat (Brz Dcc) - Six
  • Silver Distinguished Companion Cat (Sil DCC) - Twelve
  • Gold Distinguished Companion Cat (Gld DCC) - Twenty Two